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“For experiments” – we are lab animals
Everyone lives from birth in a cell
And in opium blackened nightmares
We can only feel freedom as well…

Looking just like a mass in our nature:
Homogeneous body’s and soul’s;
Product testing for rich: we are creatures,
No! Our destiny – not one of goal’s!

Tangled minds; we haven’t huge power:
Always told’s us how acting and breathe…
From Descartes and to this modern hour
Just machines… with low freedom degrees!

Rats, porpoises or maybe white rabbits
What’s a maggot?! We humans! Us all!
But for highborn we – creature’s  (SCI habits),
Who gave souls when all testing is done!

Now PETA is rising – so handsome:
Save lab creatures from cells, pain, labour!
But it’s not a vivarium anthem!
Look around: what will you have done?!

In this little and innocent action
Fear waits for us all and disgust!
During routine, we will get’s desperation
And those cells that we made to our bust…

All the time of our birth, we can listen
That live value! Important goods gift!
But it’s ending so hard in white prison
Execution, torture – no exist…

So, please tell me, that we not lab animals;
Humans now spend life’s  in a cell!
All experiments, tests – understandable:
We are those who newer rebel…

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